Hard vs. Soft Window Treatments

Window fashions are a perfect way to complete the design and aesthetic of a room. There are many options in terms of what type of window treatment to use for your space. There are hard window treatments, which include shutters and blinds which can be plastic or wood. Then there are soft window treatments. These include curtains or drapery, roman shades, or sheers. Although valances and swags/cascades may not fully cover the entire window, they are still considered soft window treatments.

 Window treatments for interior design

But what option is the better option for you and for each room?

There are many benefits to window treatments. They can minimize outside noise, control room temperature, give privacy, and are simply great for decoration to reflect the style and personality of each unique homeowner or business. The question you have to ask yourself is, what is your goal with your window treatments? Sometimes homeowners neglect the opportunity to hire a designer or buy window treatments, since they can be expensive at times. But window treatments, especially custom, are a necessary investment for your home by adding value to your property and they can truly make a beautiful difference and last a lifetime. Famous interior designers like Nate Berkus have given their opinion on window treatments with all of the experience and knowledge they have gained over the years.
Hard window treatments
Sometimes, when looking for window treatments, interior design is not the first goal in mind. In cases like this, hard window treatments might be the way to go. Although many blinds out there been known to be a cheap DIY solution, there are much higher quality options available. Many homeowners enjoy the sleek, clean look of hard window treatments and ease of use for light control. But, some hard treatments may have issues: have you ever tried to clean vinyl blinds? Another reason why some homeowners choose hard window treatments is if they want a wood or bamboo style added to their home to tie a room's style together.

Soft window treatments
Soft window treatments can not only give the benefit of temperature control and privacy like hard window treatments, but they can add nearly endless options for design. They can be custom made to suit a variety of fabric selections to customize for a client's needs and style. You can choose different textures and thickness of the fabric, depending on how much light you want to let in(or out), plus various lining options behind the face fabric provide even more insulating properties for energy conservation. There are limitless fabric patterns and trim options or embellishments are available and of course - color!

Colored and patterned fabric with embellishments
Each room in your home will have different goals for the window treatments. Map out what those goals are before investing in high-quality treatments. In a kitchen, for example, sheer curtains might be the way to go since natural light is usually wanted. Sheer curtains are also a good idea for the kitchen since privacy is not a top priority in that room. But in places like a bedroom, where you want extra privacy and light control, a thicker material might be the way to go. A living room is where one would most likely spend most of the time, so a simple colored lightweight drapery is a good choice. Typically, hard window fashions are installed in bathrooms, since privacy is the number one goal along with excess moisture control. If you want to add extra visual flair to your windows, you can even combine both hard and soft window fashions.

Hard window treatments or soft window treatments, what's best? It depends! It really comes down to what feels good - and that is a worthy investment. With so many people staying home more than ever, now is a great time to invest in the space of your dreams.