5 Steps to Redesign Your Bedroom

Sometimes a change is needed in your life for a variety of reasons. The perfect place to create a change, is in your bedroom. A bedroom is somewhere where you should spend a lot of your time to rest after a hard day's work. It’s a place to express yourself and your personal style. Look at your bedroom now and ask yourself if it's an outlook of your personality and goals, if not, now is a great time to start the redecorating process. First, get inspiration. Inspiration can be found from other peoples' bedrooms, magazines, consulting a designer, or the most popular, Pinterest. A good place to put all of your inspiration and ideas is into a Pinterest board before you start.

The first place to start is at the walls. If your room needs a new paint job, then start by finding a paint color and start a day to DIY. Usually a neutral color is recommended, so that it can match more, and if you ever want to redecorate again, it will match that style as well. If you really want a pop of color, consider painting one wall a vibrant color, or applying a patterned wallpaper to one wall. The next step for decorating walls is artwork. You can make a statement by going for large scale art, which is an art piece that covers most of the wall. Another idea for decorating walls is a collage of photos. This is a perfect way to express yourself and all of your favorite things. You can also incorporate photos of you and friends and family in this collage. Hanging up a mirror on a wall can make the room feel brighter and larger. Before you do anything, decide what's already in your room that you want to keep, what you want to replace, and what you want to add.

Fabric is a major factor when it comes to decorating any space. Fabric is on your bedding, pillows, rugs, window treatments, etc. Choose a fabric that you really love and incorporate it into your entire room. And don't be afraid to change it up a bit. Let's say there is a fabric that you are totally obsessed with. Have a designer send it to a workroom, and they can create drapery, cushions, and even bedding with that exact fabric. This way everything will look very put together and coordinate perfectly.

A bed is usually the focal point of the room. Try moving your bed to a different location of the room. A tip is to not have your bedside leaning against a wall. This makes it more difficult to make your bed. A unique position to place your bed, is angled in the corner of room. A perfect way to amp up your bed is to get a head board. A headboard not only supports your bed, but there are endless amounts of styles to choose from such as wood, leather, metal, and upholstered. Decorate your bed to the fullest by adding decorative pillows and throw blankets.

If you have a larger room, think about the furniture you have in it. Does the room seem empty? Maybe consider putting a couch or chair in your space. If you already have a couch, but it is getting worn out, consider reupholstering it with a new fabric and new cushions. Or repaint your dresser and side table if they need to be updated. If you rarely watch television in your bedroom, consider removing that from your space, so you have more room for other décor pieces. If your room is lacking lighting or decor, buy a unique standing lamp or lamp for side table. A lot of these pieces can come from garage sales and be vintage and unique.

The final step in pulling the room together, is with window treatments. These will give you the privacy, light control, and added visual appeal that is necessary for your bedroom. There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to window treatments. If you have trouble sleeping with light coming into your bedroom, consider using blackout fabric with your shades or curtains. If you really want to customize your window treatments, add a valance above them to create a more custom, elegant look. Custom drapery not only brings the room together, but they visually add height to the dimensions of your windows and room.